10 Unique Songs for Your Wedding Ceremony + Music Selection Cheat Sheet

If you’ve been to multiple weddings over the past couple years I’m sure you have heard similar songs playing throughout the day. I am the first to say that I love all of them, but I do have a soft spot for something different. Choosing great music for your wedding ceremony is the perfect way to set the mood for … Read More

Top 5 Accounts for Instagram Inspiration

If I could list one of my job descriptions, I would embarrassingly say Instagram swiping (ahem stalking) is high on the list. I follow so many amazing accounts (wedding and lifestyle related) and am inspired daily by the beauty roaming around on my feed! Today, I wanted to share a list of my top five accounts I love so you … Read More

10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

Congratulations! You’ve said, “Yes!” and now the journey to your wedding day begins! I know that beginning the planning can be daunting, but as your wedding planner I want to make the experience as fun and stress-free as possible. Often the first step in the planning process is determining your ideal wedding venue. Today, I want to talk about 10 considerations … Read More

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Planner

How can I help you? You’ve probably seen this blog post hundreds of times before: “Why should you hire a wedding planner?” It’s an article that wedding planners around the world post explaining their value to brides. While I think it is important to hire a planner for your wedding, I’ll take a different angle. This post will focus on … Read More

Welcome to Tied With a Bow Weddings

Hi, I’m Celynn! This is such an exciting time for me and my dream of planning weddings and events has finally come true. Let me take a few minutes to tell you about me and Tied With a Bow. I am a proud Canadian girl born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. Growing up, the Rockies were a backdrop to my … Read More