Top 3 Hesitations in Hiring a Wedding Planner

tied with a bow weddings top three hesitations in hiring a wedding planner

You’re newly engaged, staring happily at that ring on your finger, and excited to begin the wedding planning process but you have some questions. You’ve heard about wedding planners, but you’re working on a tight budget and aren’t sure what to do. Are they worth the investment? What do they truly offer you? Is it possible to do everything yourself just as easily? Here are the top 3 hesitations and their resolutions in hiring a wedding planner so that you can confidently make your decision and start your journey towards marriage stress-free and enjoying the process.

Top 3 Hesitations in Hiring a Wedding Planner

Top 3 Hesitations in Hiring a Wedding Planner

Hesitation #1 – Cost

Weddings cost money. It’s a simple fact and most people work on tight budgets for their big day. Therefore, they assume that they can’t afford a wedding planner on top of their wedding budget. This is absolutely understandable, but here’s a new perspective.

Wedding planner’s jobs are to work within your budget. They know which venues will fit your criteria, how to save money on décor, ways to cut costs on invitations, and countless other tricks that come from their experience in the field. By hiring a wedding planner, not only do you save countless hours (and time is money, right?) but you are able to capitalize on your planner’s knowledge of ways to save you money so that you actually have more to spend in the ways you specifically want.

So yes, it does cost money to hire a planner, but when taken into perspective, see how much you are saving. You are saving countless hours spent on the “not-so-fun” details and able to invest in your relationships instead. In addition, you are able to save your sanity and be stress-free throughout the process. You’ve probably seen a stressed bride just longing for her big day to be over because of all the weight of responsibility on her shoulders. No one wants to head into their wedding day this way and a wedding planner can be just the help you need to avoid that.

Hesitation #2 – A Desire To Be Involved

Most brides have dreamed of their big day ever since they were a little girl playing dress up in their mom’s dresses. Because of this, they want to plan the wedding of their dreams and sharing the task with someone else can make them feel like they won’t get exactly what they want.

This is an understandable concern, but contrary to this thought process, wedding planners are there to ensure you get the day that you have always dreamed of. It’s not their goal to put you into a cookie cutter type of wedding. Instead, they are there to listen to your dreams and preferences and help make them into a reality so that you can focus just on the parts that are fun for you. Think of them as your bridal bff.

Fun Note:
Did you know that Tied with a Bow Weddings offers unique a la carte services? They provide you the opportunity to pick exactly what you would like help with while maintaining control of anything you are particularly passionate about.

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of picking your color scheme but the idea of finding a venue that fits your style and budget has you rubbing your temples. If so, we’re here to help. Or maybe you’ve never felt creative and you’ve browsed Pinterest with a wishful eye that you could create something just as beautiful? If so, we can help here, too. You could pick the a la carte options specifically for either of these services.

No matter which areas of planning you love and which ones make you cringe, your perfect wedding planner is there to remove the burden and stress of the unpleasant tasks, and therefore free you to enjoy all the parts and pieces that make you happy.

Hesitation #3 – Family and Friends Can Help

The final issue that dissuades brides from calling on the help of a wedding planner is that they have friends and family members that they desire to be involved and have offered to help. This is absolutely a marvelous part of the planning process and a wedding planner would never want to hinder the precious memory-making times a bride can spend with her close friends.

But think of it this way, those closest to you are the ones you want to enjoy your big day along with you. You don’t want them slaving in the kitchen putting together those last minute hors d’oeuvres when they could be watching on as you and your groom make your grand entrance as man and wife.

There will be perfect opportunities to work together with those closest to you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have another helper working to make sure all the nitty-gritty details are taken care of and the day-of runs smoothly. Those closest to you are the ones you want to make sure you protect your relationship with and not let the stress of decision making take its toll. By having a planner help with the “not-so-fun”, you are free to just soak in the good moments with your dear friends and family.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to address envelopes with your mom and close friends but think the idea of working on a seating chart sounds like as much fun as getting a tooth pulled. Let your planner step in to help with those details. They are there to make your life easier.

Top 3 Hesitations in Hiring a Wedding Planner

Ultimately, a wedding planner is not there to rob you of any experiences, but to free you up so that you can soak in the precious memories with all those near to you without the pressure of working through the mundane tasks with them. If you have any of the top 3 hesitations in hiring a planner, hopefully this post helped you through those concerns! Whether you want someone to assist with every last detail from A-Z for your wedding or just want help in 1-2 areas, with the right wedding planner you can have the perfect teammate helping you reach your goals and relieve you of unnecessary burdens heading into one of the most beautiful days of your life.

Tied With a Bow Weddings is a boutique Colorado wedding planner creating beautiful luxury weddings throughout the Greater Denver Area and Rocky Mountains. Looking to plan your Colorado wedding? Learn more about me here, or contact me for your complimentary consultation!

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