Top 5 Accounts for Instagram Inspiration

If I could list one of my job descriptions, I would embarrassingly say Instagram swiping (ahem stalking) is high on the list. I follow so many amazing accounts (wedding and lifestyle related) and am inspired daily by the beauty roaming around on my feed! Today, I wanted to share a list of my top five accounts I love so you can add them to your recently followed list and have some Instagram inspiration in your life. Happy swiping 🙂

  1. Sinclair & Moore

Event designers and florists from Seattle, Steve & Jamie Moore are everything I aspire to be as a wedding planner. Between a stunning studio, beautiful aesthetic and super cute kids, this duo is major couple and career goals! I first found them after they planned Desiree Hartsock (yes, from the Bachelorette).

sinclair & moore instagram inspiration

Photos: @sinclairandmoore

  1. Casey Leigh Weigand

I recently joined the oily lifestyle after listening to Casey Leigh on Jenna Kutcher’s podcast Goal Digger. I was so intrigued to learn more about essential oils after several friends had tried them. But before I made the decision to join her team and order my starter pack, I did what any millennial would do- I followed her on Instagram! Her feed is packed full of beautiful photos of her littles, her life and oils! If you want a feel-good follow, Casey is your go-to!

casey leigh weigand instagram inspiration

Photos: @caseyleighweigand

  1. Always Yours Events

If you are looking for some wedding inspiration, or just general “I wish my life could be that pretty” inspiration, this is your account. The light colors, beautiful photos and overall ethereal feel is worth a follow, I promise!

always yours events instagram inspiration

Photos: @alwaysyoursevents

  1. Beating 50 Percent

One of the main reasons I became a wedding planner is because of what weddings represent. It is the start of a forever partnership between two people and God. Jeremy & Audrey Roloff started beating 50 Percent with the intention of pursuing covenant marriages. This account is something I look to in my own marriage and has great advice for dating, engaged and married couples.

beating 50 percent instagram inspiration

Photos: @beating50percent

  1. Dame Traveler

This account has a special place in my feed because of my love for travel. My husband and I lived abroad in Vienna, Austria for a year and were blessed to travel a lot throughout Europe. Definitely check out Dame Traveler for major travel inspo! But don’t try to recreate her photos… I tried and it just doesn’t work (hah!)

dame traveler instagram inspiration

Photos: @dametraveler

Feel like you and I have the same taste? Send me a note and check out my post “Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Planner” to see if we are a wedding planning match!

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