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You’ve probably seen this blog post hundreds of times before: “Why should you hire a wedding planner?” It’s an article that wedding planners around the world post explaining their value to brides. While I think it is important to hire a planner for your wedding, I’ll take a different angle. This post will focus on what sets me apart and help you decide if I’m the perfect wedding planner for you!

Celynn’s 5 Wedding Planning Ideologies

  1. Lists are important, but so is fun

I am the first to admit that I am a little obsessive when it comes to making lists. This means checking things off lists, putting things on lists that I’ve already done just to check them off… you get the picture. Now, you won’t be shocked to hear that a large part of the planning process is checking things off a big list.

But! I believe that the wedding planning process should be an enjoyable experience and as stress-free as possible. As your planner, I want to make your planning process to be memorable (in a good way). When your day arrives, I hope that you can relax, knowing every decision you made was the right one! Whether you want to be super involved, let me handle the majority of the details, or somewhere right in the middle, let’s have some fun along the way!


  1. Vendors are like the perfect pair of shoes, you want the right fit

Florists and photographers and caterers, oh my! There are a lot of vendors that go in to creating a Pinterest perfect wedding day… and not every vendor out there is the right fit for you as a couple. Deciding on what vendor that is for you is my specialty. I want to match you up with a photographer that will make you feel comfortable on your wedding day and not leave you with a quivering upper lip from smiling too much, a florist that can source the exact type of blooms you are looking for on your day, and a caterer that is going to match up with your picky palate! I know the questions to ask, the right vendor for the right budget and the best match for your personality and style!


  1. It’s your mom’s day too

I get it. When I got married I was super stubborn when it came to hiring a planner or day-of coordinator. I felt really comfortable with the planning process and didn’t feel the need to spend the money on someone to come handle my day. Because this is what I do for a living, I was completely on top of the budget, the décor, the seating plan, yada yada yada. But! I completely forgot the teeny tiny detail that I wouldn’t be around to actually decorate and manage my own wedding… due to the whole getting married thing (duh!).

Because of this, my beautiful momma and close friends came together and helped set up the room, ensure things were going according to schedule and, at the end of the night, take everything down. There is  nothing that I would change if I could do it all over again, but I would have liked my mom to be able to enjoy the day as a guest – not a coordinator. This is where I come in as your perfect wedding planner! Tell your lil’ momma to sit back and relax and let me handle the rest. It’s a big day for your whole family, and you should all get the chance to enjoy it to the fullest.


  1. Every wedding day has a story

Whenever I am talking to friends about their weddings, I always ask, “So what is your wedding story?” Basically, what I am asking is “what went wrong!?” Brides, it is time someone told you, but the perfect wedding is basically as mythical as a unicorn (credit to my girl boss crush Jenna Kutcher). But I think that the little quirks of each wedding are what make them so real and perfect. You will plan every wedding day detail down to the second, but sometimes its going to snow in June, or your emcee is going to come down with the flu 5 minutes before your reception (my wedding story).

I don’t think these little issues are anything that you have to worry about as a bride. Your job is to get married, my job is to take any mishaps and turn them into memories, making your wedding as unique as you!


  1. Budgets are friends, not enemies

Despite the opinion of many, a gorgeous wedding does not require an unlimited budget. I get it! I’ve been a bride and know how every part of your list quickly becomes “the most important part of the wedding!” But, whether you are paying for the wedding, or getting help, I believe it’s important to respect the budget. I approach a wedding by prioritizing the desires you have and creating a dream day without breaking the bank. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, but its not the only day of your life! You have many exciting days ahead of you as a couple, let’s save some money for date nights too!

Am I the perfect wedding planner for you?

If you’re still here without shaking your head “no” too many times, you are my perfect bride! I’d love to sit down with you over a cup of coffee and see how I can be your perfect wedding planner! Send me a note to get this party started!

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